How to use a boppy?

How to Use Boppy

As new parents, we always look for products that can make our lives a little easier. One such product is the Boppy. A Boppy is a versatile and multi-functional pillow that can be used for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, tummy time, and even as a prop for sitting up.

It provides support and comfort for the baby and the parent. In this blog post, you will go over the benefits of using a Boppy, how to properly set it up, and tips on how to use it for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy time, and more.

We will also discuss cleaning and maintaining the Boppy to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. Whether you’re a new parent or have had kids before, this post will give you all the information you need to make the most out of your Boppy.

Setting up the boppy 

Setting up your Boppy pillow is a quick and easy process. Here are the few steps you must need to follow to get your Boppy ready for use:


  1. Unpack the Boppy from its packaging and remove any tags or packaging materials.
  2. Adjust the straps on the Boppy to fit your body. The straps should be tight enough to support your baby but not so close that they are uncomfortable for you.
  3. Position the Boppy on a flat surface like a bed or couch. The Boppy should be positioned so that the pillow faces upwards and the straps are towards you.
  4. Sit down in a comfortable position and place the Boppy on your lap. Make sure the straps are wrapped around your waist and the pillow rests against your stomach.
  5. Adjust the pillow as needed to ensure it provides the proper support for you and your baby. The pad should support your baby’s head, neck, and back.
  6. Once you have adjusted the straps and positioned the pillow correctly, you can start using your Boppy.

Important to note: the Boppy is not intended for infants who cannot hold their head up. Ensure the straps are adjusted properly to fit your body, as an ill-fitting Boppy may not provide adequate support.

The Boppy offers versatility, as its positioning and support can be customized for various activities, such as breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or tummy time, to meet your needs. It’s a versatile and multi-functional pillow that can make your life as a parent easier.

Lastly, Cleaning and maintaining your Boppy is essential to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. To clean your Boppy, you can use mild detergent and water to spot-clean the pillow. Moreover, bleach and fabric softeners should not be used since they might harm the fabric.

To maintain your Boppy, storing it in a dry and cool place is essential to prevent mildew and mold growth.

The Boppy pillow, designed for support and comfort, serves multiple functions such as breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, tummy time, and as a prop for sitting up, providing versatility for both baby and parent.

Boppy Pillow for Bottle-feeding

Using a Boppy pillow while bottle-feeding can be a great way to make the experience more comfortable for you and your baby. Additionally, there are a few different ways you can use the Boppy pillow for bottle-feeding, including:

  1. For support: Holding a newborn who is unsafe and fragile can be intimidating. You can use the Boppy pillow to provide extra support for your baby while bottle-feeding. Place your baby safely on the pillow and use the additional support to help you maneuver the bottle.
  2. Paced feeding: Paced feeding is necessary when switching between bottle and breastfeeding. This method allows the baby to experience the same milk flow as they would while nursing, which can help prevent nipple confusion and ensure that your baby is not overfed. To practice paced feeding, use the Boppy pillow to lift your baby’s head to a 45-degree angle. This will help you achieve the optimal bottle-feeding position and reduce the strain on your arms.

When using a Boppy pillow for bottle-feeding, it’s vital to ensure that your baby’s head, neck, and back are supported. Additionally, adjust the pillow as needed to ensure that your baby is at the right angle and position for feeding. This will help with proper digestion and reduce discomfort.

In summary, you are using a Boppy pillow while bottle-feeding can provide extra support and make the experience more comfortable and convenient for both you and your baby. You can use the pillow for support, paced feeding, or lifting your baby’s head to a 45-degree angle for the optimal bottle feeding position. Adjust the pillow as needed to ensure your baby is at the correct position and angle for feeding.

For Tummy Time

The Boppy pillow can provide a great alternative to traditional tummy time for babies. The cushion props up babies, helping them build neck, back, and arm muscles, and providing a different view of the world. How to securely use your Boppy for tummy time is as follows:

I am placing the Boppy pillow on top of a blanket on the floor.

With their arms and shoulders raised above the cushion, place your infant inside the “C”-shaped pillow’s curve.

Place toys in front of the cushion to keep the infant’s interest.

Till they start to exhibit symptoms of exhaustion, let the infant play in this “tummy time” posture (unable to hold their head up, crying, or fussing). Depending on your child’s age, strength, and development, this might take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

It would be best if you remembered, Keep an eye on your child at all times. Reposition your baby’s arms and shoulders if they ever go off the top of the cushion.

It’s important to remember that tummy time should be supervised at all times to ensure your baby’s safety. Additionally, if your baby shows any signs of fatigue or discomfort or they’re unable to hold their head up, it’s best to stop the tummy time and try again later. The Boppy pillow provides an easy way to let your baby explore the world from a new angle and strengthen their muscles, but always keep an eye on them.

Boppy Pillow as a Sitting Aid

Before they have the core strength to sit on their own, young children can benefit significantly from using a Boppy Pillow to support themselves in a sitting posture. The Boppy can still be helpful as a cushion to stop falls even after their muscles have grown. How to utilize your Boppy as sitting assistance is as follows:

Set the Boppy Pillow on the ground (never on a couch, chair, or elevated surface).

Put the infant in a seated posture in the middle of the Boppy Pillow’s “C” shape. With their legs oriented toward the opening, the infant should have their back against the pillow’s curvature.

To support sitting, wiggle the pillow’s ends toward one another until they hold the infant on both sides.

Move the Boppy’s ends away from the infant, so they are not as firmly supported as they become stronger, more adept, and more self-assured.

  1. While your baby is using the Boppy Pillow in this posture, keep an eye on them at all times. Reposition your infant or take them out of the Boppy if they ever fall over. Keep in mind that if a baby cannot breathe properly, they lack the power to move themselves.

Boppy for Pregnancy

Using a Boppy pillow during pregnancy can provide much-needed support and comfort. The pillow’s flexible C-shape is ideal for tucking under a pregnant woman’s tummy to give additional support while she sleeps on her side.

Near the conclusion of their pregnancies, many women have hip pain or symphysis pubis discomfort. The symphysis pubis, a ligament that joins the two pubic bone parts, separates during birthing to allow the baby to leave the uterus.

The hormone relaxin, which the body generates in late pregnancy, can further stretch various body parts and create severe pain. You may be comfortable throughout this period by putting the Boppy pillow between your knees or thighs as you sleep.

This reduces pressure and stretching, allowing for better sleep. Additionally, you might require extra hip, pelvic, or abdominal support when sleeping during the postpartum recovery phase.

Boppy for Acid Reflex

The Boppy pillow can be used to help infants who experience acid reflux. When the lower esophageal sphincter, a muscular valve between an infant’s stomach and esophagus, is not mature, it allows food to pass through the throat, causing them to spit up.

To alleviate symptoms of acid reflux, prop the infant up on a bouncer or Boppy pillow to keep food down. As the infant grows and their digestive system matures, acid reflux symptoms will decrease, but until then, the Boppy pillow can relieve gas pain and fussy behavior.

Boppy for Propped Playing

The Boppy Pillow can be used as a prop to elevate a baby during playtime on a play mat. When a baby is too small to reach the toys hanging around the carpet, the nursing pillow can lift them closer to the toys, allowing them to enjoy the sensory experience and interact more easily.

This can be a great way to encourage development and engagement during playtime.


The Boppy pillow is a versatile and valuable tool for parents and caregivers of infants and young children.

Boppy pillow can be used for tummy time, sitting aid, pregnancy, postpartum support, and acid reflux relief. Also serves as a prop for baby playtime, allowing them to reach toys. Always supervise and reposition for safety when using the pillow.

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