Best Travel Car Seat for 3 Year Old

Best Travel Car Seat for 3 Year Old

You’ve found the ideal location if you’re trying to get a Travel car seat for 3 year old. You may see the appropriate list of top-rated car seats for traveling with kids of various ages by clicking here.

These days, most children of that age ride about the house in enormous convertible car seats, which are both secure and comfortable.

However, what about travel? Many families would rather not have to tote a heavy car seat through several airports, raise it over a whole row to put it in a cramped airline window seat, and then carry it again to their rental vehicle or cab. Investing in one of the numerous available 3-year-old child car seats is the best option if you can afford it.

How can we choose which lightweight booster seat is ideal for a child aged 3? Among our top concerns are:

  • The maximum weight must be no more than 10 pounds.
  • It has to be intuitive.
  • In a perfect world, it would endure for at least three to four years.

Obviously, the requirements of each household are different. An additional few pounds may be worth it to get a higher car seat for your kid if she is unusually tall for her age. If your trip includes both a flight and a drive, make sure your little passengers are comfortable with amenities like cushioning and cup holders.

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Tips on choosing the right travel car seat for 3 year old

You’ll notice that I’ve included both “shell height” and “max harness height” in the breakdowns below. So, what do these terms signify, and why are they significant?

When using a car seat in a rear-facing configuration, it is vital that the shell height be at least as high as the child’s head. If a child is rear-facing, the seat shell must be at least 1 inch higher than the child’s head. When your child is facing backward, the height of the harness is less of a concern since the straps should always be positioned below the child’s shoulders.

When looking forward, the maximum harness height must be observed. It’s the vertical distance between the floor of the seat and the top of the safety belt. The maximum height of the harness is usually the limiting constraint for the forward-facing extension of a seat, as your child’s shoulders should always be below the harness. It’s preferable if the shell is tall enough to enclose the ears completely (but some protrusion at the top of the skull is OK).

The additional restrictions on size, height, and age are obvious. When calculating the total weight of your child’s car seat, remember that the manufacturer (rightly?) assumes that your child will be wearing clothing and maybe shoes.

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10 Best Travel Car Seat for 3 Year Old

There is no safe way to transport children without using car seats, and this applies to air, road, and bus travel. It’s wonderful and hard to see the world through the eyes of young children. Get some (literal) help by bringing a travel car seat instead of the one you’re probably already using.

You’ll be on the go quite a bit while sightseeing, so practice setting up, transferring, and fastening the seat before you go. The most obvious difference between a regular car seat and a lightweight, foldable one is the weight.

When preparing for a trip, parents often bring more supplies than they need. You’ll be glad you reduced the bulk of your baggage and choose lighter strollers and car seats. When you have fewer problems to worry about, your vacation will be a lot more relaxing.

Here are our 10 best picks for toddler car seats for travel. Find one that’s suitable for your trip (in terms of duration, method of transportation, and kid size), and then hit the road!

List of 10 Best Travel Car Seat for 3 Year Old

1. Graco 4 Ever 4 in 1 Car seat

Graco 4 Ever 4 in 1 Car seat
Graco 4 Ever 4 in 1 Car seat

The fact that you won’t have to replace it every few years is a major selling point. This Graco car seat is fantastic since it can accommodate a child weighing from 4 to 100 pounds during transportation. The InRight Latch technology has made getting in and out of contemporary vehicles a breeze.

The adjustable headrest is one of my favorite parts since it can be set in different positions to suit both sleeping and active kids. You’ll also save time by adjusting the harness and headrest simultaneously rather than separately.

This car seat has enough cushioning and a soft cover, making it ideal for a nap or a night of sleep on the go. It’s not likely that your tot will be irritable after a night of strange sleep on the aircraft, but you just could be.

Although it is heavier than some other travel chairs, this one has so many advantages that it is hard to pass up when planning a vacation.

Remember that the base of this car seat cannot be removed since it is not designed to be carried. The same logic applies to the impossibility of using it with a stroller.

Perfect for those long car rides when tiny ones will inevitably fall asleep in their seats. It is best to travel car seat for 3 year old.

2. Baby Trend Trooper

Baby Trend Trooper
Baby Trend Trooper

2022’s new baby has a lot to offer traveling parents. The new Baby Trend Trooper convertible car seat checks so many boxes it’s almost like they listened to CPST recommendations.

Great? It’s 10 lbs. and slim. The Cosco Scenera Next is narrower. The Baby Trend Trooper fits most toddlers till age 6. Higher price, but twice the usage! The Trooper features a body cushion, head pillow, and harness pads (some with weight limitations).

The Trooper won’t last as long as the Evenflo Sonus 65 for forward-facing, but its compact design may make up for it. The Sonus rear-facing height restriction is 40 inches, whereas the Trooper has no height limit. Taller youngsters may be able to rear-face longer in the Trooper than the Sonus 65, but the Sonus 65’s increased harness height will keep them looking forward for an extra year.

The Graco Contender may be used rear-facing beyond 40 inches and has a higher shell than the BabyTrend Trooper. The contender is 5lbs heavier and broader. The Trooper gives leggy kids lots of rear-facing time, while the Contender is better for longer torsos.

Baby Trend’s labeling and instructions are impressive. Clear labeling help reduce the abuse of car seats. Baby Trend lists the insert’s weight restriction. The seat labels infant harness routing. The harness’s stripes indicate it’s flat and untwisted. Instead of looking for the red text, flight attendants might look at a photograph of an aircraft.

It’s a helpful handbook. Truly! Each component has a cleaning page. Another page describes the seat’s cushion. Parent safety checklist. The booklet provides easy-to-understand instructions for using a car seat. Scannable QR codes link to installation videos.

3. Britax One4Life Car Seat for 3 Year Old

Britax One4Life Car Seat for 3 Year Old
Britax One4Life Car Seat for 3 Year Old

To explain why it’s so great: Convertible car seats that can hold youngsters up to 100 pounds are great, but this one takes the cake. Starting at only 5 pounds, the Britax One4Life may be used with children up to 120 pounds in weight.

About a decade’s worth of service! If your kid is just a toddler today, there are still many years of potential transportation ahead. Aside from providing full-body safety with two levels of side impact protection, this car seat’s ClickTIght installation is a huge plus. Because of its superior safety features, this Britax seat is not the most convenient option for road trips.

However, the level of security provided more than makes up for any disadvantages. The seat cover is available in seven different colors, which is amusing if your young child is developing strong preferences (like mine does) in this area. That may be helpful for families with numerous children so that everyone knows who gets to sit where.

Finally, I like the integrated cooling channels since my seat remains cooler even in the hottest summer months.

Keep in mind that this one is harder to clean than the others, although it does come with detachable cushioning and components that can be cleaned individually if you don’t need to wash the whole seat. Whenever I’m taking my son on the road, I always put a tiny blanket with waterproof backing under his bottom, no matter which seat we’re in.

Long-distance car journeys with the family.

4. Cosco APT 50 Convertible Car Seat

Cosco APT 50 Convertible Car Seat
Cosco APT 50 Convertible Car Seat

To explain why it’s so great: The convenience of this car seat for vacationers lies in its compact size and low weight. This seat can accommodate a child weighing up to 50 pounds, and they can take their sippy cup with them on the trip thanks to the built-in holder.

The car seat cover may be removed and thrown into a washing machine or dryer for easy maintenance. The seat must be approved for use on airplanes and provide your child with a comfortable and familiar place to sit during the journey. If your child becomes a bit taller, adjusting the straps is a breeze (like a weed, I know).

The fact that it just weighs 11 pounds is, in my opinion, its finest quality. I can just throw it on top of my bag and roll it around the terminal until we reach our gate. Not many chairs allow me to quickly take them and leave, so it’s great to have one that does. For those who want to keep busy while on the road, this is an essential item.

Keep in mind that toddlers weighing 45-50 pounds may feel some discomfort due to the snugness of the central strap.

Perfect for active families that need to take their car seat with them everywhere they go.

5. Evenflo Sonus 65 for 3 Year Old

Evenflo Sonus 65 for 3 Year Old
Evenflo Sonus 65 for 3 Year Old

I’m particularly enthusiastic about the Evenflo Sonus 65. Yes, being thrilled over a car seat is definitely harmful.

I’ve tried it in shops and am pleased. It’s light, cushioned, tall enough to keep most kids secure, and economical enough for most families.

Its outstanding features will have you using it at home, too. If you have two cars, this is a wonderful option for trips and/or your second vehicle.

The Evenflo Sonus 65 is an FAA-approved car seat that may be put rear- or forward-facing aboard an aircraft. It includes a two-position reclining wedge for aircraft and autos.

If your airline has a restricted seat pitch, installing the Sonus 65 rear-facing may be difficult. At that age, we routinely flew forward-facing even though we drove rear-facing. Your toddler may utilize the tray table on many flights since it’s low profile.

The Sonus 3-across may be difficult to put next to a car seat facing the same way because to its extra-protective headwinds.

Families with more money might choose the Evenflo Stratos. It resembles the Evenflo Sonus 65 but has premium push-on lower anchors for quicker installation and an adjustable headrest for forward-facing capacity.

Mid-2021, all new Evenflo forward-facing car seats will need the top tether. If you want to go to a poor country without a top tether, consider how comfortable you are using the car seat against manufacturer guidelines. The top tether lowers forward head movement by 4-6″ in an accident, yet vehicle seats must pass Federal crash testing without it. If your kid fits rear-facing, you may use it anywhere.

This is one of my top suggestions if you want to keep your 3-year-old rear-facing while you travel.

6. KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Car Seat

KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Car Seat
KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Car Seat

Your kid will adore getting in the automobile since Spider-Man is there to greet him. The KidsEmbrace Marvel Spider-Man 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat is suitable for children between the ages of 29 and 49 inches in height when used forward-facing with the five-point harness, and between the ages of 38 and 57 inches in height when used with the seat belt.

I love that I just need one hand to tighten the harness straps on the booster seat (name a parent that always has both hands free!). The two cup holders are convenient for storing beverages and snacks, and the cushioned cover can be wiped clean.

Flying with your family and good ol’ Spider-Man will bring a smile to the faces of strangers thanks to this quirky seat. In all likelihood, he will even be included in future family snapshots.

Keep in mind that the cushioning for your child’s bottom is on the thin side, which might cause discomfort on extended vehicle journeys.

However, they remain amused thanks to Spider-popularity. Man’s It shouldn’t be a problem if you plan to get up and move about a lot throughout the trip.

Favorable for: Spider-Man enthusiasts of all ages, especially toddlers.

7. Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster

Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster
Evenflo Chase Harnessed Booster

Despite its modest price and lightweight, this seat delivers quite a punch. Typical features of a high-quality booster/car seat include cup storage, a reclining back, an adjustable harness, machine-washable upholstery, and a LATCH mechanism for quick and simple installation. Everything weighs in just a light 11 pounds, making it a breeze to pack for a trip.

You’ll be pleased you went with something so light, especially if your travel plans include many changes in transportation (such as cabs, buses, or airlines).

Simple attachment to your suitcase’s handle makes it easy to move around the terminal, hotel, bus terminal, or anyplace else you may be traveling. The extra cushioning on the armrests and headrests will be great for my child. That isn’t something you’ll find in cheaper, more fundamental versions. Your youngster and your bank account will both appreciate this kind of car seat.

Remember that the 5-point harness may be changed out for a conventional seatbelt when your kid gets older using this seat. But the FAA only gives its OK if you wear the harness, so keep that in mind for any flights.

Perfect for those who are taking a toddler on a single trip (and so are responsible for carrying everything) and need a lightweight option.

8. Graco Tranzitions Travel Car Seat for 3 Year Old

Graco Tranzitions Travel Car Seat for 3 Year Old
Graco Tranzitions Travel Car Seat for 3 Year Old

We’d consider the Graco Tranzitions for a 3-year-old car seat. The pricing is affordable and it’s a nice seat for home and on the move (it may be cheaper at Walmart). Why? You’ll need another car seat (or you may just need a cheap booster seat at the end since the Tranzitions has a 7-year expiration). This car seat is great for 3-year-olds since it has so many levels.

The Tranzitions feature harness padding and larger strap spacing than the Evenflo Maestro. It contains an optional cushion and two cupholders that can be flipped inward to conserve space, making it a wonderful car seat for three youngsters. The Tranzitions become a backless booster.

What’s the cost? Nothing’s ideal. All those functions add a few pounds, but you won’t notice if you use a trolley or attach it to your bag.

Some parents experienced problems installing original Tranzitions (or Graco Wayz) in particular autos. In poor areas, you may not locate a top tether for installation.

The base and back may click apart too easily while transporting it. This issue affects almost every booster seat that can become backless (including the one we use at home) and it’s so annoying!

9. Graco SlimFit for 3 Year Old

Graco SlimFit for 3 Year Old
Graco SlimFit for 3 Year Old

The reason it’s fantastic is that it’s crucial to streamline your routine as much as possible while you’re on the road. The fact that the headrest and harness both adjust with the same motion is another great feature of this car seat; installation is a breeze.

When there are many children in the vehicle, space might be at a premium. The cup holders on this Graco booster seat may be rotated inwards when additional room is required. Your child may want to sleep throughout the trip in the vehicle, or you may want to put him or her to sleep.

Whatever the case may be, you may adjust how relaxed you are throughout the journey by choosing from one of four available recline settings. The Graco SlimFit is convenient and comfy, making trips in tiny automobiles or confined locations much easier.

Remember that the cushioning and cover may be removed for machine washing. The harness straps, however, are permanently attached to the frame, making hand washing the only option.

Advantageous for families looking to reduce the amount of bulk in the trunk with a child safety seat. This one gives you more room to spread out, making it ideal for families on a trip with many kids.

10. Cosco DX 2 in 1 for Your Toddler

Cosco DX 2 in 1 for Your Toddler
Cosco DX 2 in 1 for Your Toddler

Because at only 12 pounds, the Cosco Finale is a breeze to bring along on vacations. However, despite its seeming simplicity, it is packed with useful functions. Children from 30 to 100 pounds may use it comfortably since it has two settings that can be switched between depending on their height and weight. It’s lightweight and simple to transfer from one vehicle to another, which is great for families that are always on the go, particularly while traveling.

Additionally, it can be installed three abreast in the rear of most vehicles (often rented automobiles, not economical or tiny vehicles), making it an excellent option for families that need to transport many children in car seats.

The removable and dishwasher-safe cup holders are a standout convenience of this seat. Moreover, a washable car seat cover is included for accidental spills. Cosco really did think this through, and it’s the only car seat you’ll ever need to purchase for family trips!

Don’t forget that this is geared toward kids who weigh more than 40 pounds! Fortunately, the seat only weighs 12 pounds, so it can still be easily transported even as the child using it becomes heavier.

Families on a trip with older children or toddlers will benefit.

Experts Recommendations

Travel car seat for 3-year-old: Our top pick for convertible car seats is the Graco 4 Ever 4 in 1. It’s the greatest value since it combines the highest quality with the lowest price that we’ve discovered.

FAQs: Best Travel car seat for 3 year old

At what age should a 3-year-old use the baby car seat?

Both rear-facing and forward-facing convertible car seats and harness-equipped combo booster seats are appropriate for a child of three years old.

Can I wash my travel car seat?

Yes, most travel car seats have removable covers that can be washed in a washing machine. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing to ensure that the cover is not damaged.

Is it possible to carry a car seat on a plane?

As long as your kid has a purchased seat, they may utilize an FAA-approved car seat inside the cabin. If you have a lap kid and the aircraft isn’t full, they may be able to stow the car seat for you. If you need to reserve a seat for your infant, you may do so at the airport’s ticket counter. I always carry my through security with me just in case I have to check it at the gate due to a packed flight.

Can I use a booster seat for my 3 year old?

Despite the fact that the age requirement for using certainly available booster seats is 3, these seats are not suitable for children under the age of 8. Their bodies aren’t ready for the added protection of a booster seat, and they can’t be relied upon to always sit in it appropriately.

For children under the age of 4, it is against the law in virtually every US state and many other nations to use a booster seat.

Can I use a travel car seat as my child’s primary car seat?

Yes, you can use a travel car seat as your child’s primary car seat. However, it is important to ensure that the car seat meets all safety requirements for your specific vehicle and that it is installed correctly every time you use it.

How well does a convertible car seat work with strollers?

It’s not, I’m afraid. There is currently no stroller-compatible convertible car seat on the market. That’s more of a trait of young children. If you need something compact and simple to store, an umbrella stroller with a canopy is a great option.

In 2023, what is the top-rated booster seat for a child who is 3 years old?

The greatest car seat for three-year-olds is the one that snugly conforms to the child’s body, easily installs in the family vehicle, doesn’t break the bank, and is used correctly each and every time. In the event of an accident, any car seat purchased in the United States will protect your child to the same degree, since all of them have passed the same Federal standards.


In conclusion, having a safe and comfortable travel car seat for 3 year olds is essential for parents who want to ensure their child’s safety and comfort while traveling. With the top 5 travel car seats for 3 year olds listed in this post, parents can find the perfect seat for their child’s needs, whether they need a lightweight and portable option or a versatile seat that can grow with their child. Remember to make a purchase through the affiliate links provided to support this blog.

If you have experience with any of these car seats, we encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. This can help other parents make informed decisions when choosing a travel car seat for their own child.

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