Best Convertible Stroller in 2022

Best Convertible Stroller in 2022

We have selected top best convertible stroller in 2022 for you. Read each and everything you need to know before buying a convertible stroller for your kid.

As a new mom, purchasing a stroller is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and there are a wide variety of options to select from. These include full-size strollers, lightweight strollers, jogging strollers, reversible strollers, and travel systems.

It is important to note that these convertible strollers have a few aspects in common. They are built of high-quality materials; they are easy to use for parents and give a safe journey in the back for the child.

Could there be a third choice? It is a convertible stroller. You only need to purchase (and research) one of these models if you have a growing family. What a time and money saving!

Right now, there are hundreds of basic, best convertible strollers to choose from. Only the most dependable and well-liked contemporary strollers are shown here. It is possible to turn each of them into a travel system or even a double stroller.

Looking for a stroller that may be used for many different purposes? If this is the case, a basic, foldable stroller could be ideal for you. Convertible strollers that can be used as a bassinet, baby car seat, or toddler seat without much effort are listed below.

They may be used as a single or double stroller, depending on your needs. People, this is stroller magic. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 2022 convertible strollers currently available.

5 Best Convertible Strollers in 2022

  1. UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Convertible Stroller-$$$
  2. Baby Jogger Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller-$$
  3. Britax B-Free Adjustable Stroller-$$
  4. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Converts to Double Stroller-$
  5. Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller-$

What exactly is a convertible stroller?

A stroller can be used as either a single or a double depending on the situation. An infant car seat, second stroller seat, or bassinet may be attached to a convertible stroller to make it a two-person trip.

To accommodate your family’s changing demands as they grow convertible strollers may be converted from a single stroller into a double stroller.

You may remove the second seat and use it as a single stroller again if your older kid believes she’s too old for a stroller. The glider board may be added if it turns out that she isn’t yet old enough to go on lengthy walks.

While a convertible stroller may not be the best option for families with several children. The ability to change the seat arrangement to accommodate the demands of each child is a major selling point for the product.

Another benefit is that most convertible strollers allow you to rearrange the seats so that your children may face you, the world, or each other, making it easier to keep two children happy at once.

There is no need to buy a new set of wheels at all. The added benefit of finding a convertible stroller that also checks all other must-have features is that you may be able to attach your baby’s newborn car seat to it.

According to your needs and preferences, there are a variety of models to pick from. Take a look at our top convertible strollers, which come in a variety of styles and price points to suit any family. You have to read buying guide before purchasing the best convertible stroller in 2022.

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Buying Guide

Convertibility is typical on all current strollers. With a variety of add-ons and adapters, you may easily exchange seats or reverse them.

Adding an infant car seat turns them into a travel system. In certain cases, a specific brand of car seat can only be used with a specific type of car seat adaptor. You may also find several of these strollers on my list of the finest travel systems, which feature matching infant car seats like the UPPAbaby VISTA.

Modern standard strollers include the option of adding a bassinet in lieu of the toddler seat. Because of this, this stroller may be converted into a pram.

You don’t have to break the bank to have an “infant-to-toddler” stroller with a built-in travel system and bassinet.

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There are certain contemporary strollers that may be used as either a single or double stroller and even accommodate an additional kid. It’s as simple as adding another car seat, bassinet, toddler seat, or standing board. Parents who now only have one kid but want to have another in the near future might benefit greatly from purchasing an expandable stroller.

It’s convenient since you can use the same stroller for all of your children, from newborns to pre-schoolers, or even for a family of three. When it comes to saving space and money, it’s a win-win situation. Convertibles are becoming the norm.

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Basic Functions of a Convertible Stroller

Using the term “standard stroller” nowadays doesn’t imply a large and cumbersome piece of equipment. Even the most rugged terrain can be conquered by many models, thanks to their agility and suspension systems.

With this stroller, you may use it for a variety of situations, including shopping malls, rocky sidewalks, and grass and Gravel Park trails.

Umbrella strollers are lighter than most normal pushchairs, which typically range from 16 to 37 pounds. However, keep in mind that this kind of stroller is more practical than a lightweight one.

This stroller isn’t as heavy as a jogger, but you can’t use it for jogging due to the safety rules.

There are multiple functions you have to know about the best convertible stroller in 2022.

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Handlebars that can be Adjustable

If you have two parents who are of different heights, this function may be really helpful. My husband, on the other hand, towers above me in stature.

As a result of the handlebar being too high for me and too short for him, walking was a pain while we were both utilizing an unadjustable stroller. For us, being able to adjust the handlebars is a huge benefit. So, the best convertible stroller has an adjustable handler.

Wheels of Convertible Stroller

From the top picks, all have various wheels since standard strollers are variable in size and weight. While air-filled tires are appropriate for tough terrain, rubberized tires and suspension make the stroller acceptable for a wide range of terrains.

The seat of a Convertible Stroller

However, a majority of ordinary convertible strollers in 2022 do not completely recline their seats.

A stroller isn’t suited for a newborn if it doesn’t have a flat position. Because of this, conventional seats in convertible strollers are preferable for toddlers. Although many of them may be used from birth with a car seat or bassinet..

My daughter was 8 months old when I began her in the standard seat. But I’ve known parents to use it with 5-month-old kids.

When it comes to your baby’s progress, it all relies on how fast they are growing. Infants and toddlers have different levels of ability to sit upright.

With a reversible seat, which is common on many current standard strollers. your young one may either look at you or explore the environment while you’re out and about. Moreover, seat padding and a five-point harness are necessary for safe and comfortable riding.

Brakes of Convertible Stroller

Handbrakes are uncommon on standard strollers, which typically only have foot-operated parking brakes. Paring brakes come in a variety of configurations, ranging from the simple single-action brake to the more complex double-action brake.

For example, the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller has a color indicator to show whether or not the brake is correctly adjusted. UPPAbaby VISTA is the best choice if you are looking for the best convertible stroller in 2022.

Basket of Stroller

There are many items you’ll need while taking a walk with your baby: diapers, wipes, a blanket or jacket, a few snacks and beverages, and toys. Not to mention a bag for your daily necessities, such as your wallet, phone, and car keys. As a result, the basket beneath the seat of the stroller should be spacious enough to hold all of these necessities and more.

Canopy of convertible Stroller

A large canopy is necessary since you will be using a conventional convertible stroller until your child is at least two-and-a-half years old. You should be able to adapt the sunshade to the weather conditions by extending it. It’s essential to have a window that allows you to peek in and out, in my view. Mesh windows are my favorite since they allow more air to pass through.

Both the UPPAbaby VISTA and Chicco Bravo LE have large baskets.

1. UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Convertible Stroller

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Convertible Stroller
UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Convertible Stroller

Allowing families to grow and adapt, VISTA has many configurations. All the while wandering like a lonesome soul. The new VISTA v2 is a performance stroller system that is even simpler for parents to use with new design enhancements and functional advancements.

Options for a variety of seating configurations, including forward and parent-facing reclining seats, two MESA Infant Car seats, two bassinets, and many more MESA Infant Car Seat Compatibility make it perfect as the best convertible stroller in 2022.

Direct Attachment, no Adapters Required new and enhanced full-size toddler seat that faces both the parent and the child Zip-out canopy with shock-absorbing front and rear suspension UV protection factor (UPF) of at least 50.

All-weather protection and a one-step fold with or without a toddler seat are also included. The inner liner and boot cover are zip-out, water-repellent, and simple to clean for the Shield bassinet and rain shield for toddlers.

A mattress pad with holes in its Breathability is increased through the use of vents in the base and canopy that can be opened up and extended UV protection factor. Shield and a storage bag in order to provide a secure resting environment for infants overnight.

Why it is perfect for you?

With three seats (infant and baby, infant and toddler, or toddler and toddler) and a standing bench, this workhorse can carry not two but three children of varying ages.

Baby stroller owners with a single child will appreciate the attached bassinet, which they can quickly remove with one hand and take with them wherever they go.

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Convertible Stroller Use in 2022
UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Convertible Stroller Use


  • Toddler seats include a higher back and a deeper footrest to better accommodate their developing bodies.
  • More shade is provided by the RumbleSeat accessory’s zip-out cloth canopies, which are included on the toddler seat’s extended canopies. Mesh panels are also convenient for peeking in and allowing fresh air to circulate.
  • Sliding shoulder adjustments allow the whole harness system to be tightened or loosened with one action for a perfect fit for growing kids.


  • Expensive

2. Baby Jogger Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller

Baby Jogger Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller
Baby Jogger Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller

You can expect the Baby Jogger City Select 2 stroller to come on the market in July 2021, which combines the greatest features of both the normal and Lux City Select Double Strollers. Indeed, the “2” model supersedes both of those previous versions, which have now formally ceased to be produced.

The “2” may be bought as a single or double pram and comes in two flavors: the Base Model and the Eco Collection. Purchasing the second seat attachment will allow you to convert your single stroller into a double for your second child. That’s very neat and perfect for you kids.

Additionally, there are more than two dozen possible ways to arrange the seats in this stroller, making it very adaptable and long-lasting.

With the City Select 2 Stroller from Baby Jogger, parents no longer have to limit themselves to a single stroller model. A second seat, an infant car seat, or a glider board may transform this stroller into one of 24 different configurations.

Additional seats and glider boards are available for purchase. When compared to the 2020 UPPAbaby Vista V2 single to double stroller in the US, this stroller folds 25% more compactly.

An additional layer of comfort and convenience is provided by the leatherette-covered handle and belly bar, as well as the bag’s lightweight construction and sufficient capacity.

Create an all-in-one stroller for your growing family by adding various attachments (available separately) to your City Select 2 Convertible stroller.

Why it is perfect for you?

There are multiple reasons for this convertible stroller for your kids. But if you are a parent of such qualities then it is exactly made for you.

  • Parents who enjoy the choice that they have
  • Stroller customization to fit your family’s requirements
  • All-in-one convenience for the mother and father
Baby Jogger Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller Use
Baby Jogger Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller Use


  • The stroller may be used as a single, a double, or a triple stroller, depending on your needs.
  • Your children will be more comfortable if there is enough space between the seats.
  • A belly bar and a leatherette-covered handle complete the look.
  • This stroller is lighter than the original City Select, making it easier to handle and carry.
  • Adjustable and extensible handle
  • Front wheels have suspension
  • Soft Rubber Tires


  • Come with one seat, for a second you have to pay and select
  • Expensive

3. The Britax B-Free Adjustable Stroller

Britax B-Free Adjustable Stroller
Britax B-Free Adjustable Stroller

Britax Stroller is an example of high-quality design. With the B-Free Stroller, you can do it all with your family in comfort and ease. This Britax stroller’s one-handed fold and three-wheeled design make it simple to handle and store.

The all-terrain rubber tires ensure that you never have to worry about a flat. Your kid will be protected from the sun and rain thanks to the huge, extensible canopy with SPF, and they’ll be extra cozy because of the near flat, infinitely adjustable recline.

Every parent will be able to discover a suitable grip height with an adjustable handlebar. Travel gear is in place: Traveling with an infant car seat in a stroller is a lot lighter and easier than with a traditional stroller.

Britax and BOB car seats are compatible with the B-Free Stroller. Store your baby stuff in the large stroller storage basket, along with the seven other storage compartments, and utilize the flip-up calf rest for quick access.

Why it is perfect for you?

What’s so clever about this stroller? The greatest maneuverability is provided by a three-wheel configuration. When it comes to convertible strollers, this one has all the bells and whistles at a price.

An extensible UPF 50+ canopy and rubber tires that won’t go flat are just some of the features this bike has to offer. All Britax and BOB baby car seats can use with this stroller from birth until your kid weighs 55 pounds.

Britax B-Free Adjustable Stroller Use
Britax B-Free Adjustable Stroller


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • 7 storage pockets
  • XL storage basket with front access
  • UV50+ expandable canopy and peek-a-boo window


  • Don’t put heavy things in the basket
  • It’s heavy

4. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Converts to Double Stroller

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Converts to Double Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xpand Converts to Double Stroller

When I first saw this cheap convertible stroller at JPMA, I was floored. With a top seat that can be moved up or down the frame to better fit the second seat, it’s a lot more affordable than anything else on the market.

The stroller’s center of gravity shifted to the back, making it easier to manage. It also permits you to get closer to your back-most kid in terms of height.

Without any additional components or equipment, you can easily transform the Evenflo Pivot into a double-seater in a matter of seconds by simply sliding up and flipping out integrated seat mounts. Up to 22 different combinations of baby and kid sitting may be accommodated by the frame. Making it ideal for both forward-facing and parent-facing use.

The infant seat may be used forward-facing or parent-facing and transforms effortlessly to infant mode, holding the baby at a comfortable angle. An extra-large and easy-to-reach basket is included in the Pivot Xpand’s design; it grows to nearly 2 feet in length.

The stroller’s carrying capacity is a benefit for every excursion, thanks to the ease of access provided by the front and rear doors. For convenience, the Pivot Xpand folds compactly with the connected toddler seat and stands on its own. With a 3-position reclining toddler seat and a 5-position adjustable footrest, you can find the best position for your kid.

Why it is perfect for you?

This Evenflo stroller, which converts from a single to a double and has four modes of usage and 22 seating combinations, has a lot to offer parents. However, the large storage basket is the most eye-catching feature. It has enough room for a baby and a toddler. As well as any other items that may be needed for a short period of time.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Converts to Double Stroller Use
Evenflo Pivot Xpand Converts to Double Stroller Use


  • Single to double convertible stroller
  • Modular Design
  • Easy slide and lock system
  • Comfortable
  • Self-standing fold


  • Bulky when folded

5. Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller

Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller
Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller

The Britax B-Lively stroller has a similar design to the more well-known Britax B-Agile. I anticipate this new model will rapidly become a best-seller, just as its predecessor did before it. For urban parents on a budget, it’s an excellent choice.

The Britax B-Lively stroller is suitable for children weighing up to 55 pounds when used with a seat. You may expect years of use from it, making it the last stroller you’ll ever need to purchase until your child is around 3 or 4 years old. Of course, it’s important that you look after it properly!

The B-weight Lively’s one-hand fold design makes it one of the finest convertible strollers in 2022.

At only 20 pounds, the B-Lively is one of the lightest convertible strollers I’ve seen. Having a stroller that can go everywhere with your child is a significant issue because of its lightweight construction.

Because of its lightweight and one-handed fold design, it’s easy to fold and load in and out of the trunk of almost any automobile.

Why it is perfect for you?

To me, the most appealing feature of this chair is the almost limitless number of positions in which it may be reclined. In spite of the fact that it lacks the ability to recline completely flat, it’s a great option for on-the-go napping.

The maker claims that the lowest position is suitable for newborns, but I’d hold off on using it until your child has developed neck control, which may take up to three months.

The normal seat is 11 inches wide and has a considerable quantity of cushioning to keep the little rider comfortable during the journey. As a result, the stroller incorporates a 5-point safety system, which is a standard feature in most modern strollers.

As a result of this, when B-Lively is folded, it measures 29 inches long by 23 inches wide and 12 inches high. Consequently, it can fit in most average-sized vehicle trunks easily and yet have enough storage for your trip’s automobile necessities.

Britax B-Lively is the perfect and the best convertible stroller in 2022 if you are looking for 3-4 years old.

Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller Use
Britax B-Lively Lightweight Stroller


  • Saving time by just needing one hand for folding and unfolding
  • The stroller’s 3-wheel design makes it simple to push with only one hand on level ground.
  • Breathable canopies provide a lot of protection without becoming too sweltering.
  • The process of putting on and removing a car seat is really simple.


  • On rough ground, this may wobble
  • The grip cannot be adjusted.

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