How to fold a bob stroller?

Do you want to know how to fold a bob stroller? You can count on finding a BOB stroller at any store. You may get anything from a running stroller to a twin stroller to a simple single stroller. These baby strollers are constructed to endure.

Strong wheels allow them to go for a walk in the park or the countryside. The active individual is their intended target market. That they can be easily transported is perhaps my favorite feature.

You will need to know how to fold your BOB stroller if you intend on carrying it with you everywhere you go.

Among strollers, BOB Strollers have a stellar reputation for reliability and performance. For families with several children, their selection of strollers includes both standalone units and multi-child ensembles, as well as travel systems.

Knowing how to fold and unfold a stroller, whether it is a BOB or any other brand, is crucial. Step-by-step instructions on how to fold a BOB stroller are provided below.

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What is a BOB stroller?

BOB Stroller 2023
BOB Foldable Stroller

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You may not be able to tell a Bob stroller from others just because they’re among of the best sellers.

There are a plethora of jogging strollers and off-road strollers available, making it difficult to single out a certain manufacturer. BOB strollers are built for parents who want to be on the go.

A simple umbrella stroller is not something you can expect to find from BOB. Instead, you should count on the absolute finest to take care of outdoor activities like hiking, running, or a trip to the beach.

The bob stroller is one of the most useful and easy-to-use strollers on the market. It folds up into a compact size for storage and transportation. The bob stroller can be used as a travel stroller, a baby carrier, a play yard, or a booster seat.

It’s lightweight and easy to carry, and it’s an ideal stroller for parents who want to get out and about, but also want to keep their kids close by at all times.

The bob stroller is designed to be a lightweight, foldable stroller, and compact. It’s also very easy to fold and unfold, making it a great stroller for parents who are constantly on the go.

Main Features of BOB Stroller

  1. Simple, rapid folding in one or two steps
  2. Quick-adjust, 5-point safety belt
  3. Protection from the sun with a UPF of 50+ in a massive size
  4. Tires typical on mountain bikes
  5. Handlebar that may be adjusted in height
  6. Exposed, streamlined, and stylish
  7. The extra-large basket that can be quickly accessed

Information on how to fold up a BOB stroller may be found below. These instructions should work for any model of BOB stroller.

Instructions for Folding a BOB Single Stroller

In the same way, double BOB strollers are ideal for jogging because of their outstanding suspension and big air-filled wheels, BOB single strollers are also great for running. Each of the four available single strollers—the RamblerTM Jogging Stroller, the Revolution® Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, the Alterrain® Jogging Stroller, and the Alterrain® Pro—is designed for use on jogging trails. The strollers may be folded in a number of ways, some of which are exclusive to certain models.

  1. Both strollers fold using a similar design.
  2. Before storing the stroller, make sure it is empty.
  3. Put the stroller’s parking brake on.
  4. Raise the stroller’s grip.
  5. The calf support has a yellow button hidden below it. The stroller may be folded with a single press and twist of the yellow button.
  6. It is possible to keep the stroller locked and upright by pressing the trigger button on the side.

First, Always, Always Empty The Stroller

The stroller may have certain issues if its storage compartments are cluttered. To begin with, it risks ruining whatever is remaining in the stroller.

Stroller falls, posing a hazard for food and beverages. Toys are susceptible to damage. And to get to them, you’ll have to collapse the stroller first. Having to deal with it is sometimes annoying. That’s why it’s important to empty the stroller before you start.

As a further step, please engage the emergency brake.

The parking brake must then be engaged. Doing so will keep the stroller from jiggling about when you collapse it. If you let go of it, it can roll away from you. To secure the stroller in one place, a parking brake is included on almost all models.

Folding a Single BOB Stroller

BOB strollers may be folded in a variety of ways, and the specific steps required to do it once you’ve removed all of your belongings and engaged the parking brake might vary by model.

If you have a single BOB stroller, you can fold it up by pressing in on the handlebars from either side.

Pushing them in will cause a red handle to appear on the back of the stroller. The BOB stroller may be folded with a simple push of a button.

How to fold BOB Double Stroller?

BOB Double Stroller
BOB Double Stroller

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If you’re looking for a reliable double stroller for two infants, the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is a great choice. As a double jogging stroller, it allows parents to exercise with their young children. However, the BOB double stroller just only a few easy steps to fold, despite its larger size and more substantial appearance.

  1. Gather your infant and the stroller’s contents.
  2. Put on the brakes and park safely.
  3. Find the triggers by raising the handle.
  4. To fold the stroller forward, use the provided triggers located beneath the handlebar.
  5. Just cinch it down with the red strap.
  6. Secure the stroller’s buckles before you set out on your journey.

As with a single BOB stroller, collapsing a double BOB is a breeze. You take hold of the red buttons on the grips and press them together.

The stroller is then lowered by being pushed downward. A red hand will emerge from the rear, just as it did with the one-child stroller. To completely collapse the stroller, pull this handle towards you.

Because of their intended use during vigorous exercise, jogging strollers feature bigger wheels. Some versions solve the mobility problem by including wheels that can be removed.

Your jogging stroller’s wheels, if they’re detachable, may be removed for easier transport.

Keep in Mind Before Folding BOB Stroller

  1. If you’re going to fold the stroller, make sure it’s empty first.
  2. To prevent the stroller from moving as you fold it, use the parking brake.
  3. Inflate the canopy and fold it down to a manageable size.
  4. To fold the stroller up small, recline the seat almost completely flat.
  5. Locate the buttons or pull tabs to collapse the stroller.
  6. Lock the stroller using buckles or straps to keep your child inside while you’re on the go.

A BOB stroller should always be covered with a stroller cover while not in use to prevent dust and dirt from settling on the wheels. Here are comprehensive cleaning instructions for the BOB stroller, so that it may be maintained in pristine condition.

Final Words

If you want to fold up a BOB stroller, you’ll need to empty it first and then engage the parking brake.

Then you can press the rear handle or adjust the stroller’s handlebars and seat to reveal a second, smaller handle. The stroller may then be folded up. An individual can fold one of these strollers in under a minute.


How do you fold a Bob buggy?

As with a single BOB stroller, collapsing a double BOB is a breeze. You take hold of the red buttons on the grips and press them together. The stroller is then lowered by being pushed downward. A red hand will emerge from the rear, just as it did with the one-child stroller.

Does the Bob stroller lay flat?

If the seats were entirely reclined, young passengers may fall asleep while running or hiking, which is obviously not a good idea. However, you may adjust the seat’s recline to a comfortable angle (infinite recline). Read More: When can babysit in the stroller without a car seat?

Can a 3-month-old sit in a bob stroller?

To use a BOB stroller without the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter and a suitable infant car seat, BOB suggests waiting until the kid is at least 8 weeks old. Please note that infants who cannot support their own heads while riding will need separate head and neck support.

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